TriNet Passport Customer Service Number

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How do I contact support?

  • Chat: Log in to TriNet ( and click Contact TriNet > Live Chat, available 24/7
  • Call: 800.638.0461, Monday through Friday 6 a.m.–midnight
  • Company Admin/Manager Inquiries:
  • Employee Inquiries:

When will I receive my W-2 form?

You’ll be able to access the 2020 Form W-2 online right now. The Form W-2 in 2021 is expected to be accessible online by January 31st, 2022. We will inform you via an email when your electronic Form W-2 becomes accessible. Suppose you have requested the paper Form W-2 that is postmarked within the date of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deadline of February 1st, 2021.

If you opt for paper delivery, your Social Security number (SSN) on the 2020 Form W-2 will be disguised, a procedure approved by the IRS to safeguard workers from being harmed by identity thieves. The hidden SSN will only display the four digits that make up the individual’s identification number. The number will be displayed as XXXX-XX-1234. You can use a Form W-2 that has the masking SSN to file federal income tax by the IRS.

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Contact Us | Sales Offices | TriNet

Contact TriNet at 888.874.6388 for sales or 800.638.0461 for customer support. Regional office listing and media contact information are also available.

Customer Support, Advice & FAQs | TriNet

Access the TriNet Platform Wherever You Go · Easy Access to your payroll, benefits and employee information · For help logging into your account, simply visit ours.

TriNet: HR Solutions, Payroll, and HR Outsourcing

TriNet provides businesses with HR solutions, including payroll, benefits, risk management and compliance — all in one place. Incredible starts here.

Contacts – TriNet Open Enrollment

Have questions about the TriNet benefit offerings? Contact the TriNet Solution Center. Regular business hours: Monday–Friday: 4:30 a.m.–9 p.m. PT. Phone.

TriNet Website Privacy Policy

To provide our services to you, TriNet may collect personal information. Social Security number, driver’s license numberpassport number and TriNet customer service number.

TriNet Extends Leadership With Next Generation of HR Passport

The sophisticated workflow functionality eliminates all paperwork and manual effort. It offers executives, managers and employees alike immediate Access to the.

Employee Benefit Plans | Comprehensive Benefits – TriNet

Let’s Connect. Learn how TriNet’s comprehensive HR solutions can help your business. Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you to set up a time.

Online Payroll Services – TriNet

The employee could access the TriNet platform and download his W-2 without spending extra time on the phone with his previous employer.

TriNet Mobile HR Software

Access popular deals from the TriNet Marketplace from your phone. Claim offers on technology products, groceries, fitness and more.

Time and Attendance Software | TriNet Time Tracking Platform

Online reporting provides the numbers you need to understand what drives payroll costs. Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you to set up a time to chat.

The Financial Opportunities of Human Resources Outsourcing

To realize greater efficiencies, a growing number of TriNet’s customer portal, TriNet HR Passport®, is integrated on the back end.

Full-service HR Company | Outsource Your HR – TriNet

TriNet provides a single solution of HR services, including payroll, employee benefits, Fill out the form, and we’ll contact you to set up a time to chat.


What is a Tri Net passport?

It is feature-rich and allows administrators and employees to access, manage and update essential HR information in real-time. HR Passport TriNet is available to employers to hire, terminate, adjust their salaries, and conduct HR analysis.

How do I get my w2 from TriNet?

How can I access my Form W-2 online Access your 2020 Form W-2 online when it becomes available, navigating to TriNet ( > Money > Taxes > Access W-2. You can access tax forms from prior years by going to TriNet ( > Money > Taxes.

Is TriNet a good company?

An excellent choice for a small company thanks you! They were all very accommodating and responded to my questions promptly. Although we are still a small business, we were smaller when Trinet was founded. They were able to take in 14 employees and offer us benefits comparable to large companies.

Is TriNet secure?

TriNet is committed to safeguarding personal information and will use industry-standard technology and privacy practices to protect your data. All employees of TriNet must complete security and privacy training each year.

Why is TriNet, my employer?

TriNet is now the “employer of record. “He is responsible for the compliance of payroll taxes and benefits, as well as workers’ compensation and processing unemployment claims.

How do you cancel TriNet?

Click on the Cancel Plan link. We will cancel your company’s billing and stop charging the credit card we have on file. Your account will remain accessible until the next monthly billing date.

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